v1.7.0 is here: wizard, progress, meters, notifications, etc.

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V1.7.0 is here, here is the changelog since v1.6.0:


New components/elements

  • toolbar-separator styles + toolbar design details
  • added progress styles for exporting contacts: export contacts
  • added Logout dropdown :)
  • added meter bars styles for settings: bars
  • wizard component: wizard
  • manage a list of notifications
  • added password revealer in forms


  • added android, apple, facebook, github, instagram, linkedin, mastodon, reddit, youtube (updated twitter one): icons
  • added icon-w40p size
  • added design for checkbox for “select all”
  • added icon shape-contract-window (for composer)
  • added fill-currentColor class for SVG
  • fix icon positionning in aside bar
  • added icon shape-lock


  • added w15 width helper
  • added break helper
  • added no-pointer-events-children helper
  • added rotateZ-90 and rotateZ-270 helpers
  • added helper flex-row
  • added helper underline
  • added cursor helper classes
  • added alignbaseline helper class
  • added helpers opacity-30, lh100, bordered container
  • add capitalize helper
  • added no-pointer-events helper class
  • added border-bottom helper class
  • added block-info-success/block-info-standard-success in containers
  • add shadow-container class
  • add 650 value to $list-max-width
  • added flexbox helper flex-items-center


Updated/standardized animations and classnames:

  • update notifications/modals after discussion with @mmso
  • documentated in namespacing classes
  • added mention of modifier convention
  • documented modal modifier pm-modal--inBackground and animation names for modals


  • added scroll inside modal
  • centering checked
  • added shadows in case of long content
  • added anim out
  • cleanup, positionning, RTL tests, comments

Other stuff

  • added dropDown-content--wide modifier (super large drop down, for advanced search)
  • added Sass variables for max-width in percentages
  • added modifier pm-modal--wider for… wider modals.
  • added border-bottom--dashed modifier
  • commented some stuff (q styles)
  • updated “How to use the Design system” (new partials)
  • added --width-sidebar, --width-subnav and --body-fontsize CSS variables
  • added pm-field--highlight modifier
  • added state class is-disabled for buttons
  • increased tooltips width
  • sticky header for settings (using .sticky-title class, and sticky-title--onTop modifier to remove box-shadow at the top, has to be managed via JS)
  • added container container-section-sticky class for pages using sticky header (for each section)
  • also added modifier container-section-sticky--fullwidth modifier class to remove max-width if needed.
  • updated smooth scrolling feature on Design System website (used https://github.com/zengabor/zenscroll)


  • removed padding-left/right for pm-button--link
  • fixed dropDown-item border display
  • add exception for pm-button with p0 (needed for dropdowns)
  • remove margin for item-icon (more reusable), replaced by a helper (mr1-5)
  • fixed some button designs for more stability for hover states
  • fixed notification container positionning
  • updated top nav responsive behaviour for better matching v4’s one.
  • removed .toolbar svg for .toolbar-icon selector (limit depth of applicability for styles, always)
  • update selector for modal button display
  • fixed pm-label to accept auto helper (width: auto)
  • updated reset for progress
  • added Sass variable for meter tag (space bar)
  • vertical alignment for checkboxes and radios
  • fix for logout dropdown (if there is only one letter inside)
  • exception for applying pt0 to pm-label
  • updated hr color
  • updated flex-items-end helper and added example (renamed it, was flex-item-end, not consistent)
  • fixed color of ProtonMail version text
  • fixed navigation padding (added partial exceptions ONLY for Design System website)
  • fixed logout expand on Design system website
  • updated drop downs (max-height limit, plus shadows/etc.)
  • updated classnames for conversation lists (for item-, more generic, as it is used in contacts)
  • fixed viewbox for some icons/simplified documentation
  • renamed some classes for CSS multicolumns (consistency)
  • renamed some Sass variables for better consistency
  • added documentation about width helpers
  • fixed big screen adaptation
  • updated fake checkbox in conversations (WIP)
  • reseted figure default browsers styles
  • update modal positionning (WIP for Safari bugs)
  • updated pm-label class (set up to width to avoid bad alignments and add padding to the right)
  • removed decoration from pm-buttons (except for .pm-button--link)
  • added examples of vertical centering in forms
  • fixed bug on button group with 2 buttons last/first-of-type
  • revamped drop down code (removed class, simplified, choosed classname more generic)
  • also moved button classes to drop down and generalised focus-within
  • added group button example with colors
  • fixed color management for caret
  • updated leftArrow/rightArrow to modifier classes
  • added modifier wizard-container--noTextDisplayed for wizard (hides the current step)
  • fixed button–link modifier (background transparent
  • documentation for drop down in button groups
  • add block-info-standard-warning class
  • fix aligncenter helper on th
  • update reduce motion MQ (compatibility with animationEnd listener)
  • set search image as content image
  • removed CSS variable for it
  • fix RTL adaptation
  • updated blue and light theme
  • updated theme config
  • updated documentation
  • update theme scss files for WebPack.
  • fix documentation of Sass partials


  • added subsections for containers and helpers pages
  • enhanced responsive of Design System website
  • missing scroll in conversations on Design System website
  • add SVG illustrations
  • wish you a nice summer because you’ve read this long changelog ☀️🏄😎