v1.6.0 is here: theming, prefers-reduced-motion, drop downs, details/summary, etc.

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V1.6.0 is here, here is the changelog since v1.5.0:



  • added CSS custom properties
  • added generation of static CSS files for themes surcharge
  • added previsualisation in Design system website: Themes
  • added documentation for all of these: CSS Custom properties
  • and added Sass files/flat CSS files in repo

Basically, these CSS custom properties are a way to abstract the color/properties set, in order to simplify/harmonize theming of interface. This can be extended in a near future.

New features

  • add prefers-reduced-motion: reduce MQ (for vestibular disorder)
  • added pagination/button drop down: Drop downs
  • top search bar styles
  • top navigation styles
  • add details/summary styles: Containers
  • styles for conversations (WIP): Conversations
  • add example of settings layout: Settings
  • plan under logo
  • rewamped color pages: Colors

New helpers/modifiers

  • added class .increase-surface-click class (needed for pagination drop down, and could be used for other cases, to increase tap zone)
  • add rotateX-180 helper
  • add class w0 (width: 0)
  • add scroll-smooth-touch class
  • add h100 class

See them in Helpers.


  • added pm-field--tiny modifier
  • add warning styles for input (contrast to enhance)
  • add error styles (using aria-invalid="true" and CSS transforms)
  • add aria-busy="true" state to toggle

See them in Forms.


  • add a DO/DON’T
  • add color rules
  • put variables in design-system-config
  • added documentation page on Sass variables



  • fix mismatch for pm-button--link when used with pm-button
  • fixed documentation in group buttons
  • set up max width for input/select/textarea
  • fix select text overflow
  • fix pm-label alignment
  • updated ng-valid to is-valid (byebye Angular)
  • added modifier .pm-button--for-icon (for group button made of icons)


  • fixed layout of top nav
  • add flex-item-grow-2 item.
  • update badge height (Chrome bug)
  • fix topnav “shrink” icons in rwd
  • fix sticky subnav
  • conversation row class
  • reordered padding/margin helpers
  • fixed color wrong values
  • add missing color in icons
  • fixed sidebar display
  • remove progress tag to meter (for space used)
  • added white classes (fill-white & bg-white)
  • added opacity-50 class (= opacity: .5)
  • doc for flex-nowrap class


  • fixed RTL for top search and navigation
  • fixed logo plan with RTL


  • fixed a minification issue with ::placeholder for searchbox-container styles
  • splitted/cleanup some SCSS files
  • splitted main template in several files for Design System website
  • update documentation page on Sass variables
  • add missing !default to some variables

Other fixes

  • updated reference for CSS icons css-caret-close
  • add missing CSS fragment in “how to use the design system”.
  • fix print version
  • fixed a display bug in code sections with Prism
  • fixed a display bug in conversations
  • “caret” has a single “r”.
  • add shape-burger icon (for design system website)


  • remove inline-styles for space bar (this is bad)
  • removed ‘unsafe-inline’ for CSS for design system website 🎉
  • we’re back to 100% at Dareboost tests 🎉🎉