v1.5.0 is here: tooltips, RTL documentation, input styles, etc.

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V1.5.0 is here, here is the changelog:


  • detect scroll on main navigation/display gradient
  • add disabled style for toggle
  • add indeterminate style for checkbox
  • added caret icon
  • Tooltips styles
  • RTL documentation: design system more RTL-friendly
  • added class .mirror in sprite-for-css-only.svg and in _design-system-layout-modules.scss
  • conversation styles (WIP)
  • added new images useful in settings (in assets/img/pm-images)
  • added disabled styles for radio/checkbox
  • added new color on block-info-standard: block-info-standard-error
  • added ProtonMail icon with “native” viewbox of 16×16
  • added class dash2x to make path bigger on SVGs
  • added class rounded50 (border-radius: 50%)
  • added examples of integration in icons
  • added one DO/DONT


  • Update button aliases to modifiers.
  • Update toggle component, also fixed it in RTL version
  • Missing paths $path-images in _pm-loadingcontent.scss
  • added example/fix on icons in button/a.
  • removed duplicate SVG icon
  • moved some classes that are specific to design system website
  • indentation fixes
  • used relative path for images (for webpack)
  • added documentation for variables
  • added missing !default on variables of the design system
  • updated styles-pm comments and “how to use design system” for variables
  • indentation fixes


  • Fixed CSP issue on SVG sprite for CSS (Firefox… you really start to stress me up!)