New component/input styles, icons and bugfixes

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V1.4.1 is here, here is the changelog:


  • added “domain breadcrumb” styles (in containers)
  • added “Information panels” styles (in containers)
  • added #shape-drag and #shape-reload icons (not definitive icons)
  • added .italic class
  • added SVG sprite for CSS use only (with doc in icons)
  • added .bold alias for .strong
  • added .strong and reset for b and strong (in helpers)
  • added animation on radio/checkbox (in forms)
  • added alias .pm-button-redborder in buttons
  • added all icons (not definitive icons)
  • added pm-modal--smaller class and example


  • updated asset structure
  • fixed overflow on Chrome
  • also “fixed” a iOS Safari bug
  • fix paddings on block-info-warning
  • select enhanced but WIP
  • remove margin on textarea


  • added documentation for unstyled class
  • fix CSP issue on SVG sprite for CSS (Firefox browser bug)
  • moved to Github
  • created templates for issues/PR, labels, etc.