Valentine update: Loading content, drop downs, progress bar and a lot of stuff

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V1.3.0 is here, here is the changelog:


  • added loading content page/templates (WIP)
  • added drop downs (WIP)
  • added design for progress bar in navigation (remaining size)
  • added information-block style in container section
  • added aliases for buttons: pm-button-(primary/link/error/warning/info)
  • added class .link (same style as for a tag)
  • added class .scroll-if-needed, to apply overflow: auto on an element


  • adapted height of buttons/badges/input/table cells (from Keven input)
  • updated: default case for main-area is without the toolbar, exception is now main-area--withToolbar
  • increased speed of all animations/transitions
  • moved .rounded class to global layout
  • enhanced Flexbox documentation section (mention of flex-item-noshrink, flex-item-nogrow and flex-self-vcenter classes)


  • added meta descriptions and keywords for all pages
  • bugfixes: IE11 JS fix (arrow functions are too modern for IE11, f***)
  • added another stupid joke on 404 page
  • updated license